Being The Very Best


The motto of the New Mexico State Police is “Tradition – Pride – Honor,” and we work hard to make sure that our duties are aligned with a purpose of serving with goodness and righteousness.

Law enforcement has a noble purpose – a desire to protect others. Many officers feel a calling to protect and support their communities.

Our Community


Like the communities we serve, New Mexico State Police officers have a variety of personalities, and represent many different backgrounds, cultures, and genders. We see ourselves as a valuable part of the communities we serve. We help provide protection and security to the people of New Mexico, enabling people to feel safe in their own communities and helping improve our citizens’ quality of life. We strive to provide our citizens with positive real-life experience with the constitution and law enforcement. As New Mexico State Police officers, we all want one thing – to help uphold the constitution and serve our community – and we take that calling seriously.

Our Service Commitment


A New Mexico State Police officer always brings the following qualities to the table:

Courtesy – We strive to provide the utmost in service and respect towards others.

Dignity – We consider it a privilege to provide service to our community and perform our duties with pride and honor.

Excellence – We work hard to be competent in every aspect of our job, including staying on top of the latest updates in technology, tools, techniques, and laws in order to truly provide the best service.

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