NMSP Officer Saves an Infant’s Life

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Photo credit: Albuquerque Journal

When you’re wearing our uniform, every day can hold an opportunity to save lives. One such opportunity presented itself to Officer Mario Herrera last month. Herrera sprang into action and snatched an infant from the jaws of death.

Officer Herrera was on patrol in Española when the call went out – an 11-month-old baby was choking. The child’s parents, not knowing what else to do, called 911 as they were driving. Herrera spotted their car and flagged them down.

The parents pulled over and Herrera ran to their car. He took the child from the father and used a lifesaving technique to clear the airway of the choking infant. The baby began breathing again, much to the relief of the panicked parents. Officer Herrera has that family’s eternal gratitude, and we are proud to call him one of our own.

NMSP officers are always ready to do whatever needs to be done when life hangs in the balance. The quick, decisive response of officer Herrera is an example for all of us to aspire to. Put yourself in a position to save lives and make a difference in communities across New Mexico by joining the NMSP!

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