Going Above and Beyond

Our Academy is designed to prepare you mentally and physically to be a New Mexico State Police officer, and we train and certify our officers to a higher standard. To be certified in New Mexico, you need to pass the Firearms Qualification Course for handguns only. But we also train our officers on rifles, shotguns, and backup optional sidearms, and run our own State Police Qualification course, to ensure that our officers have the training, experience, and certification to handle any situation. During the Academy you will also earn up to 30 transferable college credits.

Continuing Education


We offer remote accredited continuing education throughout the course of the year, in order to ensure that our officers are in possession of the up-to-date knowledge they need to effectively do their job.

Continuing education topics include:

  • New Case Law
  • New Tactics
  • New Tech
  • Constitutional Policing
  • Domestic Violence
  • Firearm Training
  • Driving
  • Dealing with the mentally ill



We believe that in order to provide the best service, we need to have good equipment. We provide our officers with the highest-grade equipment, great vehicles, the latest in technology, and updated firearms. We work hard to ensure that our facilities are updated and well maintained, with good computers, so that our officers can do their jobs effectively.

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